The Mortician

Works With

Resident Evil 2 (PC)

RDT2OBJ was the first RDT creating tool Team 96 used to create custom RDT data for use in Resident Evil: Distant Memories.


An Image showing RDT2OBJ's interface.



RDT2OBJ was created by Team 96 member The Mortician for use in Resident Evil: Distant Memories. Its primary goal was to allow the user to open RDT data in any 3d modeling application, make edits and changes to the room and the repack all that data back into the RDT without the use of external app editing. Due to it been a Team 96 tool it was never shown nor given out into public domain and too this day contnues to remain unreleased.


As of the end of 2013 onwards RDT2OBJ was completely discontinued, in its place the sucessor the Blender and Maya Plugins were created that superseed RDT2OBJ entirely.