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Resident Evil 2 (PC)

RE2BM is a Biohazard 2 background render editor/manager program created by modder Leo2236.


RE2BM's user interface.


Leo first created and showed RE2BM on November 1 2012 (Initial release was 17 march 2013). The tool allows the user to open a Roomcut.bin file where all the renders for all the rooms in RE2 are stored, and allows you too add your own custom ones without having to do any .Tim->Adt conversations(these were needed before hand.) It also allows you too add renders without having to constantly rebuild the Roomcut, which again modders had to do previously.

Later on in development Leo added support for Mask data(PRI) that could again be just added within RE2BM rather than having to create the .tim file then convert to ADT etc.


  • Easy import/Export of render and mask image files.
  • Shows masks/hides on button press.
  • No need to rebuild Roomcut.bin as it is all done within the application itself.
  • Custom Roomcut.bin with maxed out camera angle limit and more rooms is included with RE2RDTE Which can be used in conjunction with this tool.

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