Works With:

Resident Evil 3(PC,PS1)


RE3MV like Leo's RE2MV is a Resident Evil 3 model viewer and editor application, that handles Resident Evil 3 data.


A image showing RE3MV's interface.


Like Leo's RE2MV, RE3MV was created too allow any modder to edit and create new and modified RE3 mesh data without using several external applications. It allows the user to import and export the data into any 3D modeling application, Modify textures and pretty much what is offered in RE2MV.

The first initial release was released on December 11th 2013, so far it only supports .PLD models, the additional model formats will be added in another update.


  • Allows the viewing of Resident Evil 3's MD2 .PLD mesh data.
  • Alows the user to extract and import new and custom mesh data from various 3d modeling applications.


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