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Resident Evil
Resident evil platinum pal
Developer:Capcom Production Studio 4
Nextech (SS port)
Westwood Studios (PC Port)
Virgin Interactive
Genre:Survival horror
Third-person shooter
Science fiction
Engine:Modified Goof Troop engine[1]
Modes:Single player
Platforms:PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC
Media:1 × CD-ROM (PS, Saturn, PC)
Requirements:Windows (PC): Windows 95, Pentium 90 CPU, 3D card with 4 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive, 16-bit sound card
Input:Controller, Keyboard
Release date(s):PlayStation:

JP 22 March 1996
NA 30 March 1996
EU 1 August 1996

Microsoft Windows (PC):
JP 6 December 1996
NA 30 September 1997
EU 17 September 1997

Sega Saturn:
JP 25 July 1997
NA 31 August 1997
EU 1 October 1997

Ratings:ESRB: M (Mature)
CERO: 18 and up
BBFC: 15
PEGI: 16+
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Resident Evil (バイオハザード, spelled Baiohazādo or simply Biohazard in Japan) is a survival horror game by Capcom and is the first game in the Resident Evil series. It was originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and has been subsequently ported to the Sega Saturn and PC, then re-released twice on the PlayStation in the form of a Director's Cut. A Game Boy Color version of Resident Evil was planned for release in 1999, but was later canceled by Capcom, citing that the port was of poor quality. Capcom later released a new game in the series for the platform titled Resident Evil Gaiden. In 2002, a remake of the game was released for the Nintendo GameCube featuring new graphics and voice acting among other significant changes. A Nintendo DS port of the original, with added modes and the subtitle Deadly Silence, was released in early 2006.

While not the first survival horror game, its success propelled the genre to new heights of popularity and was the first game to coin the term.


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