When posting & Editing:

  • Refrain from posting cluttered and messed up paragraphs.
  • Use factual information that exist, you can't just randomly post about something that doesn't exist, has no media or a single source.
  • Refrain from piracy or posting links to pirated games
  • No offensive content / Nudity / 18+
  • Read the help pages first, use accurate templates for a new game () or mod page
  • Do not make pages for a single mod, reskin or undeveloped project/mod, only make such pages when there is enough rich information about such thing, therefore well known.
  • No Resident Evil Characters, Enemies, Items or anything related pages and no personal/own fiction/history of said characters, we have the Resident Evil Wikia for that but avoid posting fanon/fan-fiction there, consequences are even worse than here.
  • Avoid posting fan-fiction here, much the same as Resident Evil Wikia.
  • There are pages for each game focusing on releases/versions only (not about characters or walkthroughs or anything like that) and categories that are used to show modifications, use those only.
  • Do not post about a modification or fan fiction / mod / project on a game page.
  • Each "Global/Total" Mod should probably has its own story, plot and details, post that in the plot section of the page, take a look at Resident Evil: Distant Memories/plot for example.
  • No Spam, Scam, or personal attacks; Instant Block/Ban.
  • You can post about leaks when they are confirmed, actually from a game or trusted source only. That means you can't just make a page and add an image which claims "Resident Evil 7" just because it says that, it will be removed. The source has to be known.